The German Magdalena Neuner, with twelve world championship titles, the most successful biatlete ever, don’t even understand why the IOC president, Thomas Bach, as long as it remained up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in spite of the coronacrisis just this summer, it would be.

“The whole world is fighting against this virus, and he wants to make the Olympic Games are going to keep it,” says Neuner in the German newspaper, Augsburger Allgemeine. “I was boiling with anger, how could he hold on?” It is a confirmation of what I’ve experienced: it’s going to be at the Games, not the athletes, it’s going to be different things,” said the 33-year-old biatlete, that is, at the Winter olympic games in Vancouver in 2010 and two gold medals. Neuner was halted in 2012 at the age of 25, after going to the world cup in their own country, and two world championship titles, had been caught.

finally, he decided on Tuesday, in consultation with the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, however, still to take the Play to them. An understanding, a decision, according to Neuner. “It was never a fair-Play might have been. One athlete was able to do a workout, and the other does not. Not everything is on the doping-controlled. Fortunately, there is now a solution.”

Magdalena Neuner. (Photo: Instagram