In the call money comparison, the Luxembourg bank Advanzia is still ahead with 1.6 percent, guaranteed for three months. Barclays is now in second place. There are 1.5 percent, also with an interest rate guarantee.

After the car banks pushed ahead, a new bank has fought its way back to the top ranks: Barclays has been offering 1.5 percent since this week, guaranteed for four months. Another plus point is the strong German deposit insurance up to 120,000,000 euros.

Barclays Bank now occupies second place in the overnight money comparison by FOCUS online.

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Advanzia Bank from Luxembourg is still at the top of the ranking with 1.6 percent; available daily and guaranteed for three months. That’s more than most German banks call for fixed deposits.

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Since Luxembourg’s public finances are considered to be very solid, investors’ money is almost as safe here as in Germany. The state is officially liable but only up to 100,000 euros.

Bank11 is able to hold on to third place. The German institute with correspondingly secure deposit insurance accepts credit balances of up to 100,000 euros at a promotional interest rate of 1.4 percent. Bank11 guarantees this interest rate for four months.

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Behind it is Consorsbank, which even guarantees its 1.3 percent for six months – plus the promise to raise interest rates again during this period if Consors should increase its overnight interest rate again. The special interest rate is granted up to a deposit volume of one million euros.

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For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that Volksbank Hochtaunus (“Meine Bank”) and OPEL Bank also offer attractive interest rates of 1.5 percent on overnight money. However, these cannot be completed via the FOCUS online comparison, but only directly from the banks.

Important detail: OPEL Bank accepts credit balances of up to one million euros for interest from new customers. Because OPEL now belongs to the French PSA group (Peugeot, Citröen), the bank is also located there. As with Renault, the French deposit insurance system, which is theoretically “only” valid up to 100,000 euros, applies.

Existing customers currently have the best cards with Renault Bank. The French raised the call money rate on existing accounts to 0.7 percent in October. The DKB, which has so far paid its customers only 0.01 percent on call money, wants to raise the interest rate to 0.4 percent from December 1st. The offer applies to both new and existing customers and is linked to the opening of a current account.

ING will also increase the interest rate for its existing customers to 0.3 percent on December 1, 2022. New customers at Dirk Nowitzki’s bank, on the other hand, already receive 1.0 percent. Existing Consorsbank customers will only receive 0.3 percent from January 1, 2023. Surprisingly, the bank, which is courting new customers with attractive conditions, has so far paid its existing customers no interest at all on overnight money (0.00 percent).

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In the case of the German bank mentioned, the German deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German Banks (BdB, in the case of ING), the savings banks (in the case of the DKB) and the cooperative banks (“Meine Bank”) also attack, so that customer balances there are even higher are secured.

Are these call money rates still too low for you? Then take a look at our fixed deposit comparison. There, European banks offer interest rates of up to 2.77 percent for a term of just one year. With two years, even 3.10 percent per year are possible. The best time deposit offer from a bank with German deposit insurance for a term of twelve months comes from swk Bank with 1.95 percent. Over two years, the Ford MONEY Bank leaves the competition well behind with 2.80 percent.