Have you ever wondered how much other people in Germany earn? And how do you compare to that? You can now find out with the interactive tool “How wealthy am I in comparison?”. Try it out on FOCUS online!

If you can show a net household income of 4000 euros per month, then 30 percent of Germans are richer than you, 70 percent are poorer. The interactive tool “How wealthy am I in comparison?”, developed by the German Economic Institute in Cologne, makes it possible to compare income in Germany using various parameters. Click through:

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The IW scientists use current data for the various comparisons, which, among other things, make it possible to differentiate according to the type of heating (gas, oil, district heating). The data evaluation of a current IW study shows, among other things, that people with district heating heating often have lower incomes than people with gas or oil heating.

The researchers identify the place of residence and the type of housing as possible reasons for this. Because: “Households with district heating are more likely to rent in urban areas (by population size of the place of residence), while oil heating is more common in rural regions among homeowners with higher incomes,” write study authors Judith Niehues and study authors Maximilian Stockhausen .

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A further finding made possible by the inclusion of the distribution according to the type of heating: According to Niehues and Stockhausen, the previous reductions for gas and district heating reach a large part of the population, since these energy sources account for more than half of all types of heating. However, the relief often benefits households in urban regions and less so in rural regions.