Insurers will be obliged to verify the operators inspection

reform of the system of state inspection in the Ministry of economy has prepared a new draft of the rules of check operators and monitor their activity that the current rules are outdated. Insurers will be able, for example, to deprive of accreditation of operators.

the New rules stipulate, for example, empowering the Russian Union of insurers with the authority to verify compliance with the requirements for technical experts or operators to work with the information system – the database about the passage of inspection vehicles.

in addition, RSA will be able to arrange sudden field checks of operators, inspection, based on the information, the source of which can be local authorities, and signals from citizens or the media. In turn, operators the new system gives the possibility to complain about the decision of the SAR in the so-called Commission on the appeal it will have to resolve contentious issues that are most likely to occur in the set.

Members of the scope of the inspection told the newspaper “Kommersant” that the new rules represent a useless document. In the opinion of the organization, RAMI already showed himself not at its best, as now the system of inspection is negligible: the diagnostic card of some insurance companies simply sell along with policies. And the new rules of RSA can be used for extruding unwanted operators from the market.

the Next reform of the system of inspection in Russia should be completed this summer: its main goal is control of widespread sale of diagnostic cards.

Text: Avtovesti