Instead of Wienerli from pig meat will be distributed at the Maundy Thursday only sausages made of chicken. This is not good for everyone, the VIEWS on Friday about the Wienerli-whirl at the carnival 2019 reported in Wohlen AG.

in many Swiss schools, the Halal-compliant Wienerli variant of poultry meat has become lately on the subject.

Coquerli of Migros from Poulet

the retreat of The pig meat is particularly noticeable in the fast food. However, only few firms deal with their replacement products. After an extensive Test of the furniture giant Ikea decided already a few years ago, to sell his 1-Frankish-the hot Dog in the chicken variant. Meanwhile, the Veggie hot Dog is come.

What is some of the less aware: The Wienerli in the dough of the Migros – Coquerli – is it called the Take-away exclusively from chicken meat. Anyone looking for Schweiniges, takes just a ham croissant – also with a puff pastry encased a Migros-seller on demand to VIEW.

decline in pork

A glance at the statistics of Proviande, the sector organisation for the Swiss meat industry, shows that In the last ten years, the consumption of pig meat declined by around 3 kilos per capita and year. In the year 2017, the annual Per capita consumption amounted to pork 22,21 kilograms.

The chicken consumption has grown steadily over the last decade. In the year 2017 of 13.2 kilos of poultry meat per head were eaten, such as the Swiss poultry newspaper writes. The reasons for this are many: The chicken meat is considered to be rich in protein and low in fat, is usually cheaper than other types of meat and can be consumed by all religious communities without hesitation.

chicken chains expand strongly

No wonder the cattle put large fast-food chains on the Spring. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), which opened in the Switzerland branch to branch – most recently in Volketswil ZH. Also the Migros-Restaurant-chain Chickeria with your chicken-fast food is driving the Expansion in the Switzerland.

in Spite of the chicken-Boom continues to apply: the meat of the pig is and remains by far the most common and usually the Switzerland consumed on the inside and Swiss. (uro)