The Chilean sausage manufacturer CIAL Alimentos had accidentally paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (about 173,668 euros) to one of its employees. Actually, like every month, the man should only have received 500,000 Chilean pesos (525 euros). The error is said to have happened in the human resources department, reports the Chilean financial newspaper “Diario Financiero”.

The employee noticed the exceptionally high amount and reported it to the company. The employer then asked the man to simply pay the amount back.

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But contrary to what had been agreed, the employee did not show up for work the next day and continued to withhold 330 times his salary. Eventually he resigned and left without calling back.

The company has now filed criminal charges against the employee, but no arrests have been made yet. The former employee is accused in the ad of embezzling money.

A 68-year-old Austrian woman died on Friday after a shark attack in the tourist region of Hurghada in Egypt. Sunday it was announced that there had been a second deadly shark attack. It is said to have been the same animal.

A tour group was stranded at Palma de Mallorca airport for 36 hours. The 140 vacationers are waiting for their return flight to Düsseldorf, but it is almost two days late. The reason for the delay is sad because: The crew cannot continue working due to a medical emergency.

In a massive glacier break in Italy, several mountaineers were hit by ice, snow and rock masses. The region’s rescue agency says that seven people died. Eight people were injured and others are being sought. Two Germans are also among the injured.