Citizens’ income is to replace Hartz IV in the future. From January 1st, people with the will receive more money and better care.

The Federal Employment Agency has spoken out in favor of a gradual introduction of the new citizen income rules by July 2023. “I explicitly exclude the higher standard rate from this, which we will implement in January,” said the CFO of the Federal Employment Agency, Christiane Schönefeld, of the “Rheinische Post” (Friday). The “realignment is welcomed, be it better funding opportunities, the partnership or the elimination of priority mediation,” she said. But you will not be able to implement everything by January 1, 2023, there is no time for that. She thinks the planned increase in the standard rate is right, “because the prices are rising enormously.”

Millions of people in Germany are to receive more money and better care from January 1st with the citizen benefit. The federal cabinet had already given the green light for the social reform of the traffic light coalition, but it still has to be approved in parliament. Citizens’ income is intended to replace Hartz IV in its current form for the more than five million affected.