FOCUS Online woman, Nick, in a row, three of them were elected unanimously from the Show, with the voice of Ronald Schill. Does that bother you?

Désirée Nick: , The audience would have definitely chosen differently. Thus, the Team has damaged the other processes of the Show. But I expected nothing else, because I expected with this Cast, these characters are neither fair nor wise decisions. This is also the reason why I from hour zero to 150 percent. I wanted to bring from the beginning of movement in the processes. In fact, I was convinced that I would have to go in episode 1. I’m surprised I’m even in episode 3 arrived – I am very proud of. You have eliminated the strongest Element. And, thus, is sealed, that the Show can only be a or a real Loser/in won.

FOCUS Online Matthias Mangiapane was nominated and has changed from this point on, very quickly, the pages, and you blasphemed, while they were both previously very familiar with. It has disappointed the human?

Désirée Nick: Very. The Mangiapane has changed sides faster than you can call the word rat. To fall as a gay man a Gay Icon, a figurehead of the gay scene – how me in the back, this is not only a disgrace to him self, but for the entire gay and lesbian Community. Because by doing so, he cemented in the minds of all the “gay”stereotypes. With his insidious behavior, he condemns himself to reason.

Via Mangiapane: “He is a treacherous piece of tanning cream”

FOCUS Online : What are they? particularly disturbed at his behavior

Désirée Nick: He pissed on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Because he takes nothing to do with the Yotta. He laughs at me at the Exit with his false teeth, and provides a Carina Spack the arguments for my deselection. In Mangiapane, the mind goes blank as soon as he sees somewhere the Chance at glory. I also have confessed out of loyalty to the Gay Community behind him. But how is he really, the man has seen you now. He is a treacherous piece of tanning cream with a lot of white, too-large teeth that look like the borrowed temporary from Harald Glööckler. But his character is still impertinenter than his appearance. He has disqualified human. Sat.1 Matthias Mangiapane upset.

FOCUS Online Had them since the end of the rotary contact with Matthias Mangiapane work?

Désirée Nick: As impertinentes part he has, of course, also a solid and good art. He calls only when he wants to know if I’m in certain shows, or want to know greedy, what new projects have been offered to me. This is the Only thing that interested him. The word friendship or collegiality is as foreign as the concept of Fairness, or loyalty. This man destroyed himself. He should have know that his is coming back-stabbing to broadcast.

topic: “The knife in the back”: Claudia Obert about is the intrigue in “celebrities under the palms”

Via Claudia Oberts hug: “ice-cold calculating Everything”

FOCUS Online Surprisingly, they got in and after your Selection, of all things, compliments, and even a hug from Claudia Obert. How did that happen?

Désirée Nick: I know Claudia Obert, however, for the past 15 years and by. She said: ‘The is now bowled out anyway, because I can be nice, then I get plus points, this is an opportunity for me, sympathetic to come over.’ Everything is a cold calculation. They all take nothing. And Matthias Mangiapane is no better than Mr Yotta. Sat.1 Claudia Obert

About Yotta: “struts about in the game of dice, as if he had Corona vaccine developed,”

FOCUS Online Bastian Yotta has its celebrated out of the litter, and said to them: “It is a pleasure for me to send you home”.

Désirée Nick: The Yotta speaks of his relationship to God, but malice and Schadenfreude run free. All of his actions, for he promoted himself to alcohol to hide, Mentoring with Mrs. Obert are against the wall threats, you have seen Yes. And then he appealed to Sat on the “family channel”.1, we are not here on RTL TWO – this is the man who shaves in the show to the public the genital area and boil expression says, of all things. He’s lying when the lips move. And the most disgusting on this character I find it, when he bragged after winning Stab at the dice game, that he would have developed the Corona vaccine. That just shows what a vile amoeba that is. Sat.1 Bastian Yotta

FOCUS Online : there Was at the time of their departure a candidate, you have indulged in the victory?

Désirée Nick: Yes, Tobias. As he leaves the Set exactly as it went in – that is our Commonality. He throws and not try to conform to. So simple he is, as straightforward it is also.

Lauterbach proposes to protect against Corona home remedies – Lanz, need to laugh out loud, FOCUS Online/Wochit Lauterbach proposes to protect against Corona home remedies – Lanz needs to maa laugh out loud