It is known that actor Tom Cruise (60) has been a member of Scientology for more than 30 years. The machinations of the sect are not new and more and more details keep coming to light.

Now the Scientology dropout Cathy Schenkelberg unpacks that there were castings for the 60-year-old to find the perfect woman for him. Cathy was also one of these participants. In the new TV format “Gala” she now spoke about her experience.

She was told she was auditioning for a PR film. “The camera went on and I was asked what my name was, what my rank in Scientology was and then how I found Tom Cruise. It just bursts out of me without thinking: ‘I don’t like him at all’,” revealed Schenkelberg.

After a while she probably asked when she could finally start and which text she should recite, but Cathy only got the answer that the casting was already over for her at this point. Completely amazed, Cathy told her friend who was waiting outside. To which she then replied whether Cathy didn’t know that it was about becoming Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend.

A few years later, actress Katie Holmes (43) became the new love at the actor’s side. In 2006 the couple married. Their marriage lasted six years. One of the reasons for the separation is said to have been Katie’s fear for daughter Suri (16). She didn’t want the then six-year-old to get caught up in Scientology, like the two adopted children of Cruise and ex Nicole Kidman (55), Isabella (29) and Connor (27), who lost contact with her after the actor’s separation supposed to have adoptive mother.

“Those who leave Scientology are radically severed from contact. People are no longer allowed to see their children, their grandchildren, their parents,” Cathy told Gala. Insiders claim Cruise has had less contact with the Scientology sect, but he probably doesn’t think about leaving.

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