Although Queen Elizabeth II might be restricted to Windsor Castle, palace sources claim that the reigning monarch doesn’t live alone.

In April, the 95-year-old widow lost Prince Philip, her husband of 73 year, just a few days before his 100th birthday. In recent months, several close friends also died.

A source has revealed to PEOPLE Royals that the queen is close to a “bubble” of people.

According to a royal source, “The queen can switch from being magisterial and chatty with those who she trusts.” “She trusts people and has good judgement. Once she does that, it’s very easy.”


According to the outlet Elizabeth started having lunches with friends in Windsor in the summer. They enjoyed watching television late into the night. According to reports, the queen’s inner circle includes Lady Susan Hussey and Lady Annabel Whitehead as well as Prince Charles’s ex-nanny Mabel Anderson, Lady Elizabeth Leeming and Susan Rhodes.

According to the source, Elizabeth is seldom alone and is often accompanied at all times by Angela Kelly and Paul Whybrew. The palace staff also tirelessly work to make the palace “a joyful place” for Elizabeth.

She also receives frequent visits from Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess, of Wessex, as they live a short distance away. Prince Andrew, her youngest son, also lives near and is reported to make frequent visits.

According to a source, “Those who are in [the bubble] treasure their place.” They are a support system for the queen, someone they can laugh with and can discuss the current issues.

Matthew Dennison, a royal author, told Fox News in October that the queen had been turning to her Christian faith for help with the ongoing drama at the palace.

He shared that “She has a strong religious belief.” “The queen has prayed throughout this whole thing,” he said. A loyal and supportive group of ladies in waiting, private secretaries, and friends have supported her. She is also supported by her close-knit extended family.

He noted that “She finds it difficult confronting difficult issues.” “I believe she has improved over the years.”

Dennison has written eight books that have been critically acclaimed. He recently published “The Queen”, a biography about Elizabeth’s long reign. To tell the story of Elizabeth, he spoke with palace insiders both present and past. Dennison stated that faith played an important role in the life of the royal during his research.

He explained that she has a connection to the divine. “She is a monarch, who made a promise to God to perform her duty. It’s a promise that she has kept throughout her entire life. As a young woman, there was a lot of expectation about her as a queen. She has accepted that role.

Dennison stated that Elizabeth plans to stay in the same place she left her husband. Prince Charles, her eldest son, is the first to inherit the throne.

Dennison stated, “There was never a realistic expectation of the death of Duke of Edinburgh leading the queen to abdicate.” “In all the few occasions she has spoken to close friends about it, she has always made it clear that the promises she made at her coronation were binding. These were promises she made to God through the church. These are holy promises. These are holy promises. She has always stated that she would abdicate if she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, or any other condition that would render her incapacitated. This role is for the rest of her life.