You must not know much statistics to know that the spread of the covid-19 in a nursing home is quite critical.

Yet the nursing home Bavne Ager in Gilleleje several times gotten older, which is infected with the covid-19, return from the north Zealand Hospital in Hillerød.

“Specifically, at the nursing home, there are three persons who have been transported back and forth between the hospital and nursing homes, because they have been rejected or sent home from the hospital,” says Ulrik Ahrendt-Jensen, adm. director of the OK Foundation, which operates the nursing home in Gilleleje.

“One of our elderly has been sent back and forth three times,” he says.

And so there is talk about the elderly, where the doctor at the nursing home have been assessed, he or she must in the hospital but where the hospital sends the elderly back.

Ulrik Ahrendt-Jensen stresses that, as nursing homes are able to handle situations such as influenza and other contagious disease.

“We know how to shut of in order to limit the spread of infection, so it must be as a resident or relatives do not be afraid,” he says.

But it requires extra resources, when you without the risk of infection must transport an infected inmate to the hospital, so that he or she will then be sent home again.

“The strain on the system, when we transport the sick, elderly back and forth. But most of all it’s a big load for the individual older person and the relatives,” he says.

by Rikke Lauenburg all about. Her 71-year-old demented father usually stay in a nursing home in Vallensbæk, but is right now hospitalized.

She tells Friday in an article in B. T., how her father has become a pawn between the hospital and nursing home.

“Hvidovre Hospital will send my father home at the nursing home, even though he has covid-19. The nursing home will not accept him. They have already several the elderly with a fever and I don’t know what they must put up with a demented person can infect many more,” says Rikke Lauenburg to B. T.

And at Ældresagen experience senior consultant Marie Though Jensen is also a big uncertainty about how to handle the whole situation on plejehjemmene.

“We get many inquiries, and there is much anxiety and uncertainty out there. Both in personnel, but also relatives,” she says in an article in B. T.

Back in Gilleleje is a total of five elderly people have been infected with the new coronavirus. And for one occupant, it has been fatal.

even Though the nursing home take all the precautions, believe the director himself, that the trips back and forth-all else equal-increases the risk for further infection.

“I’m not a healthcare expert, but it says it itself that it increases the risk of infection when transporting a resident back and forth and take them out of their apartment at the nursing home,” says Ulrik Ahrendt-Jensen, who lack clear guidance on how they should handle the elderly, that are infected:

“We would very much like that the authorities took a principled decision that we can act upon.”

He has also even sent a detailed description of the issue to the authorities.

the DR says the hospital management on the north Zealand Hospital in Hillerød, denmark Bente We Rørth, to the hospital only saves the covid-patients they assess as indlæggelseskrævende.

She does not want to comment on the specific cases from the nursing home in Gilleleje, but stresses that it is not supposed to be some patients must be pawn, and she regrets if it happened.

“There is a need for better communication between the practitioners on the plejehjemmene and hospitals, for it may happen that the doctors assess the elderly differently in relation to whether there is a need for hospitalization or isolate them from the staff at the nursing home,” says Bente We Rørth to DR.

the Board is Friday, not returned on the B. T. s approached. But for the TV news on Friday night saying Enhedschef in the Danish Health and medicines authority Mads channel frequency (mhz) La-Cour, that the guidelines have been tightened Friday:

“We got some requests also from the municipalities that had been printed citizens, and there had been absolutely clear communication, that they had covid, when they were printed. It is of course inappropriate. Of course it should work.”