Will LeBron James’ son make it to the NBA? The basketball legend’s oldest offspring is making remarkable progress. Father LeBron dreams of playing with Bronny again in the NBA – Bronny himself has now demonstrated his tremendous athleticism.

LeBron James is in his 20th year in the NBA and still shows no major signs of physical decline, at 38 he is still one of the best players in the league.

Considering the NBA average, of which James is clearly not a part, the question of a possible retirement for players in their mid-30s often comes to mind. However, LeBron has no plans to retire until 2024. At this point, his son, LeBron James Jr., just named Bronny, could already be playing in the NBA.

Bronny is a senior at Sierra Canyon School and has emerged as one of the best players in his age group. According to some reports, LeBron James would be willing to leave the Lakers or any other team to play alongside his son.

But while some doubt James Jr.’s talent and feel Bronny’s hype stems solely from his superstar dad, he’s already a great basketball player and athlete – and one thing’s for sure, Bronny is already in it Able to set big highlights. He proved it again when he pulled off an insane Eastbay dunk – in play!

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