Voracious slugs in particular pose a major challenge for gardeners. They often eat cultivated vegetables and other plants, overcome fences and protective barriers and are difficult to drive away.

However, if you don’t want to use commercially available chemicals to combat snails (molluscicides), you can use an inexpensive food from the kitchen instead.

To effectively protect your plants from voracious snails, all you need is conventional oat flakes.

Planting oatmeal is not only a natural and inexpensive but also animal-friendly way to protect your garden.

In order to get rid of the snails in the long term, you should collect them regularly. Popular hiding places include under damp boards, in piles of leaves, under grass clippings and between dead wood.

The German Nature Conservation Association also recommends encouraging natural enemies of snails such as hedgehogs, toads or slowworms in the garden. These animals are mostly found in naturally designed gardens.

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