According to a media report, the climate protest group “Last Generation” has stored the personal data of thousands of activists and possible supporters freely accessible on the Internet.

Several Excel lists with information about 2,200 people were accessible to everyone via the Google Drive cloud service, reported the “Welt am Sonntag”, citing its own research.

Not only data such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and places of residence as well as information on seminars and training courses of the last generation were stored; The information would also have contained information about the willingness to go to prison in the course of a protest, as well as some details on the living and health situation.

“Haven’t been able to bring himself to drop his studies so far”, “too afraid of prison”, “not in good health”, “depressive phase” and “fears deportation if arrested” are examples of comments on individual activists who “Welt am Sonntag” quoted from the list.

After a request from the newspaper, the group restricted access to the data for unauthorized persons, it said. The “last generation” apparently saved the data in the course of recruitment attempts, for example from people who took part in the group’s lectures.

A spokeswoman for the movement told the newspaper that the folder in question was outdated and no longer used. “The last generation is a fast-growing movement,” she said. “People who want to participate give their contact details so we can contact them.”