Language — sensitive living system, which responds instantly to important social events and shocks. So, in January after the failure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (this pair also gave the world the word “Magit”) from the duties of the members of the Royal family appeared, the term “Megamarket”, that is to value yourself enough to go from where you are not appreciated, and move on. During a pandemic COVID-19 in language also reflected a characteristic of the phenomena and processes last spring in the form of many new terms, serious and not. “Kommersant Style” has chosen some of the most interesting neologisms that gave us the era of coronavirus.INFOGAME (INFODEMIC)the Oxford dictionary defines infotamil as the proliferation of diverse, often unfounded information about the crisis event, which is fast and uncontrolled spread in the media and is seen as reinforcing public speculation or anxiety. The term was coined in 2003 during the SARS epidemic, but especially actively began to be used after 17 years to describe the spread of information about the coronavirus. Who’s using the term, stated that infogame no less dangerous than the pandemic itself.Example of use: and All so clear the possible consequences of what this infogame?DESCALING (DOOMSCROLLING)IN the dark information-flow period of the pandemic, people often try to find answers to their questions and to understand the seriousness of the situation, the hours of reading negative news and restlessly flipping through the tape in social networks. This process is called descaling (eng. doom — death, a “scroll” to scroll through) and has become quite popular in the network. So, journalist Karen Ho regularly publishes a reminder on Twitter about the fact that today it is time to end descalling and go to sleep.Example of use:Stop doscroll, only worse.KOWEIT (COVIDIOT)However, some people not only can not be influenced negatively infophone, but simply do not perceive a crisis event seriously. Users of Urban Dictionary have proposed to refer to such people the term “Koweit” — the one who ignores the rules and prohibitions during the crisis, jeopardizing the safety of others. Avidity do not comply with the requirements of the doctors and authorities, social distance and isolation, and often does not believe in the existence of a threat. Another meaning of the term — a person who obsessively buys the products, showing selfishness towards others. These characters can be found in almost every supermarket, especially in the beginning of the epidemic.Example of use: To my neighbors again came a crowd of guests, real avidity. This kovideo staged a scuffle in the store over the last pack of pasta.Photo: Getty Maderanertal holidays declared p�� the entire country in March-April due to a dysfunctional epigastralgia, not everyone understood correctly. Many have decided that it is time to go to school, University or work is not necessary, so you can relax and go on picnics, just like on vacation. So there was a funny term “karanikoli”. Later, it became clear that non-working weeks meant a special operating mode, but the word stuck. In the dictionary of karanikoli not yet entrenched, this neologism remains popular.Example of use:I’ve pulled your Spanish on kartikulam.QUARANTINE (QUARANTINI)IN isolation people are actively looking for alternatives to the usual entertainment that was banned. So there was a Zoom-party with clinking wine glasses on the screen and cooked on this occasion, the drink became known as quarantine. Particular recipe quarantine no, it is possible to prepare from whatever I can find in home bar. By the way, according to Urban Dictionary, the term first heard in the series “the Clinic”, but a resounding success was won only in the spring of 2020.Example of use: I will call you tonight on Skype, have a glass of quarantine?DOSERING (DOGSHARING)search for a worthy reason to go once again from the house and not to violate the conditions of isolation often resulted in inventive finds. Lucky dog owners: they could go out without pangs of conscience and the risk of running into a penalty. Savvy neighbors without Pets have been asking for four-legged friends to rent for a walk. Good-natured (and slightly selfish) the owners refused. This practice received the name “daggering”. No-nonsense has not done: people were walking, and lent to other hamsters, turtles and parakeets.Example: Tonight finally will go for a walk, have agreed with each other about daggering.SUMMOMING (ZOOMBOMBING)Total transition to remote work and distance learning have become rich video conferencing service Zoom, making it one of the most popular programs the year 2020. Popular Zoom took advantage of the trolls and the culprit who broke into the unprotected of the conference and stripped free video calls viral video. The phenomenon called summoming. Often, objects became summoming distance learning — the school bullies remained in good shape even at home.Example use: Yesterday’s meeting fell through due to another act of tumbabiro.Photo: Getty Mademovement (COVIDIVORCE)due to quarantine a couple for a few months was in the four walls alone with each other. And if some were happy that they spend more time together, for others it was a real challenge. Were it not all, sometimes not withstand even a strong long-term relationships. Divorce happened due to a lengthy joint stay in lockdown mode, called cavediver (eng. covid + divorce — divorce). Interestingly, in our country, according to Rosstat, the number of divorces in the period of self-isolation decreased dramatically.Example of use:She needed strong support, when he suffered cavediver.COLONIALI (CORONIALS)For many families this spring, in spite of everything, marked the conception of the child. Babies that are born nine months after the height of the epidemic, already called coronelli, by analogy with the Millennials. The first generation of Kornilov will be born in December 2020.Example of use: it is not Surprising that these children have so much in common, they both coronally.Daria Chertkov