After two years of the Corona compulsory break, fireworks can be sold again for this New Year’s Eve in Germany. What you need to consider and where you can find the best deals, FOCUS Online has summarized in this article.

However, some DIY stores are deliberately not selling firecrackers and the like this year. As reported by “Bild”, Hornbach decided to take this step at the suggestion of “animal and environmental protection associations”.

The same applies to most Obi branches. However, these are not all managed centrally. Individual markets could therefore continue to offer fireworks.

The Globus DIY stores are also not selling fireworks this year. This does not apply to the supermarkets of the retail chain. In addition, according to the animal welfare organization, the hardware store chains Toom and Bauhaus no longer want to sell pyrotechnics in the future. The reason for this is the “hazard potential of fireworks”.

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