On Twitter, a concerned father addressed the word to Finance Minister Christian Lindner. He laments the financial hardship, describes his current situation in Germany and criticizes the fuel discount initiated by the FDP politician. He reacts immediately and invites the 37-year-old to an interview.

The surge in prices and inflation is a burden on the citizens of Germany. A 37-year-old father also complained on Twitter about the financial worries of his family of five and contacted Finance Minister Christian Lindner directly. He criticizes the current relief packages and the finance minister’s course. The FDP politician takes note of the concerned father’s criticism and summarily invites him to a personal meeting.

On Twitter, the 37-year-old describes the current situation in Germany from the perspective of “a family man” who works on the “so-called basis” under the username “Maximales Torque”. He addresses his words directly to the finance minister: “I know that you are a busy politician […] but I hope you will take the time to read my lines.”

First, the family man explains his situation. He is a 37-year-old father, has three children and is the sole breadwinner due to his wife’s chronic illness. The family rents a four-room apartment, he works as a car mechatronics technician.

“Financially we are just making ends meet with oh and (a lot) of noise. Very often in the last 7 months it happens that at the end of the money there is still a lot of month left and we are dependent on the help of my parents”, says the father of the family.

Spending on hobbies is impossible. He also has to explain to his children why the family has no money left for trips or vacations. The family’s monthly fixed costs and living expenses would “crush their throats every month”.

An average purchase for a family of five at the discounter currently costs around 250 euros – enough food for around five days. The family man makes his need even clearer when he explains that “additional costs and fixed costs for car insurance or rent can become a real challenge”.

Then follows the criticism of the current relief course of the federal government. The father of the family criticizes Lindner’s introduced tank discount, since it does not “plug the hole that other costs have opened up.” In addition, the tank discount ultimately “does not even reach the end consumer”, but allows the mineral companies “to put more and more money into their own pockets to manage”.

The 37-year-old made his demands and questions to Christian Lindner clear: “Why don’t we make general tax cuts on fuel? Why is there no longer a reduction in VAT on groceries? All of this could help many of us more than that

The 37-year-old ends his Twitter appeal to the finance minister and is willing to speak to him personally to describe “what it feels like to live as a citizen in a country that (from my point of view) mostly favors the economy and not… decides the people.”

Christian Lindner reacts to the concerns of the family man. He thanks him for his descriptions and invites him to a personal interview. He would be happy about a personal exchange.

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