Oh, that’s still possible – isn’t it? When things have to go fast in everyday life, we tend to think less about our everyday objects. They serve their purpose. But that can get pretty ugly over time. We will show you beauty habits that you should urgently break.

How often do you clean your hairbrush? You should do this regularly. When combing, residues get stuck in the brush. This also includes sebum and dandruff. When using the brush again, redistribute everything on the head. So: pluck hair regularly from the brush and clean the brush.

The make-up brushes are on the bathroom shelf, are used and then go back to their place. The brushes are rarely cleaned – which neither brushes nor skin are happy about.

Because bacteria can collect in the fine brush hairs over time, which can then spread both in the make-up and on the face. The result: irritated skin, blackheads and pimples.

At least one of the various tubes and cans has usually been on the shelf for a long time. And actually, you don’t even remember when they landed there. But use the product anyway, it has to be used up eventually.

However, it is worth taking a look at the expiry date. Expired cosmetic products can lead to skin irritation, conjunctivitis and rashes.

Shit, now the lipstick is at home to try. Good that a friend has a lipstick with her – or not good. Lipsticks are not made to be shared. This allows bacteria and viruses (e.g. from herpes) to be transmitted without you noticing. To avoid contagion, you can avoid the risk by only using your own lipsticks.

Another thing that should not be shared is mascara. This is because bacteria and viruses can get into the eye and ultimately cause conjunctivitis, for example. It is better to use your own make-up to protect your eyes.

Although it is actually quick, many people like to skip the make-up removal before bed. The fact that this is not a good idea is shown at the latest by the impure skin and the pimples that form as a result. You should also wash your face in the evening so that you don’t take dirt from the day to bed with you.

If you are too tired for a detailed evening routine in the evening, you can, for example, put make-up removal towels next to the bed to be on the safe side. This allows you to quickly remove make-up before sinking into the pillows.

Even if you don’t see it straight away, the longer you wear it, the dirtier it gets. Bacteria, dander and sweat accumulate in the fabric, which in the worst case can cause inflammation and skin irritation.

Basically, you should change your bra almost every day, as well as your underwear. In addition, the bra wears out faster if you wear it too long.

The original of this article “Seven beauty habits are dangerous for the skin” comes from Bunte.de.