In three weeks, south Korea has with 51 million inhabitants, had only about 100 new infections daily.

the Number of new infected with the coronavirus have fallen to well below 100 in south Korea that day, informs the country’s health authorities on Thursday.

The latest figures show that the infection has “stabilized” around 100 new cases a day over the last three weeks, it says.

the Figure for the day is 89 infected.

The total number of infected reaches 9976. Two have died of Covid-19 in the course of a day, and it brings the total number of deaths in the country up on 169.

Who lives a little over 51 million people in south Korea, and the country has been highlighted for its effective containment of infection with the coronavirus.

Coronakrisen peaked in late February with over 900 new infections a day. Since there has been a clear downward trend.

the Authorities, however, expresses continued concern about hiding clusters of vectors in hospitals and in smaller communities.

You are also still very aware of coronaviruses to be carried back by the patients, who have recently been traveling abroad.

Therefore, all travellers, who return home, orders to go in quarantine for two weeks.