Minister of construction and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev was hospitalized with coronavirus. Temporarily perform the duties of the head of Department will be 33-year-old Nikita Stasyshyn, who held the position of Deputy Minister and state Secretary. It is noteworthy that one of the last public appearances Yakushev was devoted to an acute theme of debt for utility services. A few days ago he reported to the President that the non-payment for the communal services in Russia are growing at about 1.3 trillion rubles.

Industry experts predict a decrease in April payments on the average on 30-50%. Industry experts fear that deal with the collection of money by the acting Minister will not.

Vladimir Yakushev was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic on may 1, according to the results of computed tomography, being the second infected member of the Cabinet after Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina.

it is Noteworthy that the same diagnosis was made on the same day and Yakushev, Deputy — Dmitry Volkov. The press service of the Ministry of construction it is assured that all of their employees passed the tests for coronavirus and positive results no more. The majority of the employees of the Department working remotely for more than a month. At the head office of the Ministry on Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street in Moscow was carried out the additional work of disinfection.

meanwhile, one of the last public appearances of Vladimir Yakushev on the online meeting of President Putin with members of the government touched upon the sensitive issue of non-payment for utilities. “We see today that there was a fall in tax collection for public utilities, it should be noted that the population of the collection fell about 30% today’s statistics, with regard to enterprises, including public institutions, there decline even more — 45-50%,” — said Yakushev a week before his hospitalization.

the reduction in the payment of utility bills among the population Minister was associated with the introduction of the regime of self-isolation, explaining that people can’t pay in cash. “The underpayment, which he seems scary sounds, 30-40%, but this is associated with this difficult regime. So expect that next month the situation with the underpayment will not be so critical,” — hoped Yakushev. And added that to support the housing sector, the Ministry of construction is preparing anti-crisis plan

How long the Minister will be in working condition, is not known. Before the young Deputy Yakushev has the challenge to cope with trillion-dollar debt (two months ago, before the isolation, it was 1.2 trillion rubles, according to the Ministry of construction), and expert opinions about whether he is a – separated.

the government Apparatus is configured in such a way that even care at the hospital such important unitss how the Federal Minister can not prevent the effective work, the General Director of PJSC “City Innovative Technologies” Sergey Minko. “Staresina we know as an exceptional professional, and doubt that he will cope not. Of course he’s more specialist in the construction industry than housing, but I think that his experience will be enough to solve all the problems facing the Ministry in all spheres,” he said.

the Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva convinced that nothing radical Nikita Statesin to not take. He will work on implementing one of the most difficult parts of the project related to housing, because of the Ministry’s key task is to prevent the freezing of construction. “Now the topic of housing it will not be engaged. It’s not his diocese. And in the absence of the patient the chief to carry out renovations and introduce new ideas in a communal system Statesin will not,” she says.

meanwhile, according to Razvorotneva already taken by the government decisions on the abolition of fines and penalties for non-payment of communal, as well as the ban on disconnection of resources is not enough: defaults will grow. “Falling of incomes of the population has exacerbated the situation. If we talk about urlich, many of the businesses even ceased to pay for utilities. They lost their earnings and give the money for public resources, they simply nothing, — the expert emphasizes. According to our data, in March the national average payments have fallen by 5-10%”.

But for much more hard April, many industry experts predict the growth of debt to 50%. To understand it will have, hopefully, already cured Vladimir Yakushev.