MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. Doctor of Novousmanskiy district Central hospital in the Voronezh region Alexander Shulepov who previously complained of the working conditions during the epidemic of the coronavirus, fell from the window of medical institutions. About it reports TV channel “TV Guberniya”.

According to the channel, the incident occurred at night on Saturday. It is reported that 37-year-old paramedic fell out of the window of his chamber on the second floor of the hospital where he was treated for COVID-19. The source said that the man survived, but doctors are now struggling for his life.

the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry told the channel that the window Novousmansky hospital at night really fell the man, but did not specify who he was and what was injured. The Agency started reviewing the incident.

At the end of April Shulepov together with his colleague assistant Alexander Kosyakin recorded a video in which he complained that he is forced to work after he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The doctor also said that physicians do not provide protection and does not check for the presence of a new infection. In desgraves region such statements are then called fakes.

Later Shulepov made a new video published by the regional depsarium. In a new video he said that video with a colleague recorded “emotion”. According to him, the hospital after learning about his diagnosis, asked to temporarily stay in the building, and an hour later removed from the change.

Pandemic coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 covered almost the whole world. The who reports that more than 3.1 million are infected, of which about 224 thousand died and over a million have been cured. Most infected and victims recorded in USA, Spain and Italy.

Russia takes the seventh place for number of infections. The country COVID-19 diagnosed 054 124 person (per day 9623 new cases) of them recovered about 15 thousand people. Victims of the disease become 1222 of the patient.

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