people’s artist of Russia Tatiana Vasilieva, which was previously discovered coronavirus, spoke about his condition in a Instagram.

According to the actress, she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. She added that her lungs are not strong, so she was allowed to be treated at home. “In the hospital without me a lot of worries,” said Vasiliev.

the Actress also said that for several days she had a fever, but she didn’t pay attention to it. However, after the onset of cough and burning sensations in the eyes, she decided to seek medical help.

Vasilyev admitted that coming to the health facility, she realized the scale of the epidemic. She told me that she had eight hours to wait for the ambulance, and then another four hours preparing the CT scan results. “The doctors are working non-stop. Cough in the hospital is deafening,” added the actress.

Tatyana Vasilyeva — people’s artist of Russia. She is the leading actress of the Moscow theater “Millennium”. The actress also starred in hundreds of television movies, including “Hello, I your aunt”, “the Most charming and attractive”, “to See Paris and die.”