Germany is snowing. Heavy snowfall is expected in many parts of Germany today. But if you have a heart condition, it’s better not to shovel snow, experts are now warning.

Physical exertion and sub-zero temperatures – this is not a good combination for heart patients. The German Heart Foundation advises those affected not to push themselves too hard on cold days. They should also leave the snow shoveling in front of the house to others.

Because: When it is very cold, the blood vessels in the body contract. The heart then has to pump the blood through the veins against a greater resistance. This puts a strain on the heart muscle. In the case of previous illnesses, there is a risk of overloading, in the worst case a life-threatening heart attack.

People with heart diseases should not underestimate snow shoveling. When shoveling and sweeping, heart rates are quickly reached that patients should not exceed.

That doesn’t mean they can’t move around on winter days, though. According to the heart specialists, there is nothing to be said against a relaxed walk or a walk.

According to experts, exercise is one of the most important measures to protect your heart and prevent a heart attack. Michael Böhm, Director of the Clinic for Cardiology, Angiology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine at Saarland University Hospital, lists the five most important rules:

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