Indicated the scale of the fall in rents of housing in Moscow

In April 2020, the average cost of rental housing in the Russian capital dropped by 7 percent. One-bedroom lots over the last three weeks of the month fell 6 percent, two — 7 percent, “treshki” — almost 8%, follows from materials of the portal “World apartments”, arrived in edition “”.

the rental market was affected by the mode of isolation and economic turmoil, analysts said. Demand has decreased: some tenants went back to the regions, others due to loss of income were forced to terminate the contracts and move in with relatives. As a consequence, the supply of apartments has increased. In addition, the total volume of added objects previously give up short-term and daily. This provoked a massive decline in rental rates of the property.

According to experts, at present, the average cost of renting “odnushek” in Moscow is 39 thousand rubles per month (at the end of March they stood at 41 thousand rubles). “Kopeck piece” shall be 48 thousand (March — 51 thousand), “treshki” — for 55 thousand (March — 60 thousand).

“Now, in a falling market, tenants are in a stronger position than landlords: they can ask the owner about discounts and rental vacation to offset against rent security Deposit. Actually, this happens everywhere. Discounts are usually given at the time of mode isolation and are on average 20-30% of the monthly fee”, — analysts say.

Earlier in April it became known that citizens of CIS countries rushed to rent an apartment in Moscow during the regime of isolation. The proportion receiving requests for rental housing has increased to two thirds of the total number of applications.