He is the President of the largest democracy in the world: India’s President Ram Nath Kovind (73). Next week, the head of the 1.3-billion-country for a multi-day state visit in Switzerland, bored.

The visit of successes at the official invitation of Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA), at the request of a VIEW. For more information about it for later in a view.

foyer locked

Because of the state visit will be locked on Thursday afternoon and on Friday, large parts of the Federal house. Not only the National Council and Council of States hall, the foyer is a restricted zone, where during the Session, otherwise, politicians, Lobbyists and journalists live. The visit is customary as in the case of state – however, these usually take place during the Session, if in the Federal house is.

Features of the Zurich EVP-national Council of Nik Gugger (49) does – the first and so far the only parliamentarians with Indian roots. “It’s great that the Indian President arrives in Switzerland,” he says.

negotiations on free trade agreements

On the program, among other things, a large Festival of the Indian Embassy in the Bernese Nobel hotel Bellevue and a visit to the Bern University for the President of India, in addition to the official reception by the Federal Council.

India has a huge Diaspora. Around 25’000 Indians living in this country – while conversely, less than 700 people in Switzerland live in India.

The former British colony is the fourth-largest buyer of Swiss exports. For more than ten years of negotiations on a free trade agreement. Gugger wishes that it is also thanks to the state visit to this thing soon forward: “I hope that we in the new legislature, which has begun in India, and soon it starts here, a trade agreement signed, sealed and delivered.”