India intends to treat coronavirus in Ayurveda

While in many States of India including Goa and Kerala, using Ayurvedic remedies for the prevention of coronavirus, including among medical staff and asymptomatic patients, the Ministry of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy India (AYUSH) has collected more than two thousands of tips from experts on Ayurveda and homeopaths from all over the country. Now based on these recommendations, the special Commission shall prepare a Protocol of treatment of diseases caused by coronavirus. About it reports the Indian newspaper Business Standard.

It is expected that the treatment method will be developed in the near future. She was sent for approval to the Indian Council of medical research, and other relevant organizations. At the same time Ayurvedic recipes will be tested on patients suffering from a coronavirus in the form of light or carrying it without symptoms, and those who have the disease is only suspected.

While the Ayurveda specialists clarify that there may be many different treatment methods, as Ayurveda uses an individual approach depending on the "psychosomatic nature of man" (Sanskrit "Prakriti").

The arguments of the supporters of the Ayurvedic approach is supported by the fact that China in the fight against coronaviruses have been used traditional medicines. It is also claimed that in Ayurvedic texts, there is information about ways of combating diseases whose symptoms are very similar to Covid-19.

Another strong argument in favor of traditional methods of treatment is the recommendation of the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi to follow the advice of AYUSH to support the immune system.