India has reported 78,761 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, marking the biggest-ever daily increase for a nation. The number of coronavirus infections in the world passed the 25 million mark on Sunday.

Before Sunday’s update, which pushed the total number of infections in India to more than 2.5 million, the US held the record with 77,638 daily infections reported on July 17. The surge in India comes shortly after the government eased lockdown restrictions, to alleviate pressure on the economy.

The disease is continuing to spread globally and even countries that have fared better so far like New Zealand and South Korea are struggling to tackle it. The US and Brazil remain the most infected nations with India trailing behind them. The virus has so far claimed some 843,000 lives.

The social distancing measures meant to slow down its spread until a vaccine or an effective treatment is available have caused a global economic slowdown and resulted in frustration and unrest in many Western nations.

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