A wedding without alcohol? It’s becoming more and more common. Without food? A rarity. This is what a guest who fled from a wedding completely disappointed reports.

On the discussion platform Reddit, a guest shared an unusual wedding experience that sparked considerable controversy. The person concerned was invited to a wedding reception on New Year’s Eve where, despite a formal invitation and the expectation of formal attire, neither food nor alcoholic beverages were offered.

The Reddit user describes the experience as extremely strange. According to him, the venue was a hall with a bar with soft drinks – nothing more. “I just don’t understand why you invite 100 to 150 people and don’t give them anything to eat,” he writes. The guest said that because of this situation, he only stayed at the event for two hours and felt uncomfortable.

He explained that guests were asked to forgo their New Year’s Eve celebrations and spend money on clothes and gifts while there was no food. “It just seemed so incredibly cheap to me,” the user explained on Reddit, adding that he would never attend a wedding again where guests were not provided with food.

The Reddit user went on to say that if hosts can’t afford to feed their guests, they shouldn’t host a large event. Instead, they should only invite as many people as they can feed. “A barbecue would have been so much better than that,” the social media user said.

The user in question stayed at the event until midnight and consumed mainly Coke. After the party, however, he went out to eat something. There wasn’t much choice, however, as many restaurants were no longer serving because of New Year’s Eve parties.

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