An unidentified gunman fired on a patrol in the southern Russian region of Rostov-on-Don near the Ukrainian border, injuring a police officer. “The crime was committed around 12:00 today in the suburb of Novoshakhtinsk,” the police said on Tuesday, according to the state news agency TASS.

According to official information, the man was dressed in camouflage and was armed with an assault rifle. It is said to be a deserter who had previously been sent to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

There was no further information about the perpetrator. After the exchange of fire with the police, he went into hiding, it was said. The manhunt is on. In this context, the city administration of Novoshakhtinsk increased the security of schools and kindergartens.

Since the beginning of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russian authorities have registered a significant increase in attacks with explosive devices and firearms at home. According to statistics recently published by the Russian Ministry of the Interior, the number of such crimes has increased by around 30 percent compared to the previous year.