Two children get into a fight at a school – one of them is injured with a knife. Many details are not yet known.

During an altercation at a school in Geesthacht (Duchy of Lauenburg district), one child injured another with a knife.

The severity of the injury is not yet known – however, the child’s injuries are not life-threatening, said a police spokesman. In consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, the police did not want to give any further details about the incident on Thursday afternoon in order to protect the children.

As the “Lübecker Nachrichten” reported, a 13-year-old is said to have stabbed a 12-year-old in the back. The suspected perpetrator is said to have been arrested. There was initially no confirmation from the police.

A real parking ticket war has broken out in an Aldi parking lot in Monheim am Rhein. The discounter has leased its parking lot to a private company. Since then, strict parking rules have been in place – with consequences. The city is taking a confrontational approach. Now Aldi Süd is also reacting.

The municipality of Landau-Land in Rhineland-Palatinate must accommodate a rejected asylum seeker who has committed a criminal offense in a homeless shelter following his release from prison.