Tragic accident at a bachelor party in Würzburg: A 39-year-old man apparently fell from a bridge into the Main on Sunday night. An angler spotted him in the morning. The fire brigade could only save him dead.

An angler discovered a dead man in the Main in Würzburg around 5 a.m. on Sunday morning. According to current knowledge, the dead man is a 39-year-old tourist from Frankfurt am Main, the police said on Monday. The investigation revealed that the man was attending a bachelor party, a spokesman said.

He fell off the Main Bridge on Sunday night, possibly intoxicated. Police received an 911 call about the lifeless man early Sunday morning. Firefighters eventually recovered the lifeless body from the river.

There is currently no evidence of a crime related to the man’s death. Nevertheless, the Würzburg criminal police are investigating in order to be able to clarify the exact course of events during the night.