WASHINGTON, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti. the Ministry of transport of the USA on Friday rejected the requests of the Chinese carriers on flights between the United States and China, explaining this refusal by the need for parity between the American and Chinese airlines, said in a statement posted on its website.

“the U.S. Department of transportation issued the Executive order, which was rejected from Chinese carriers for the execution of future transportation filed over the past few weeks on the basis of our initial order of 22 may,” reads the message.

the transport Ministry insists that “this order is a purely procedural issue and that it should not be seen as an escalation” from Washington.

moreover, the regulator “continues to state its willingness to reconsider their actions if the Chinese aviation authorities will adjust the policy”.

the United States insists that the parity needs to give carriers each side the opportunity to perform four scheduled passenger flight both ways every week.

In late January, the American authorities on the background distribution COVID-19 banned the entry of citizens of some countries, who for two weeks before that we were in China, but no restrictions for Chinese airlines were not introduced. In February, most U.S. carriers voluntarily decided to suspend all passenger flights to China, and by mid-month, the number of flights between the two countries was reduced to 20, performed their only Chinese airline.

In March, as part of measures to combat the spread of the epidemic, the civil aviation administration of China has required foreign airlines to leave only one direction of the communication with China and to carry out one flight a week, and from Chinese airlines requested that only one route with each state and also to perform not more than one flight a week. In addition, in preventing the importation COVID-19 to country authorities banned entry to all foreigners with valid visas, except diplomats and persons of some other categories.