In Vologda young moose popped up right out on the road and jumped onto the roof of the car. Then he disappeared into the neighboring yards. Inspectors of Department on protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna he was caught and taken to the woods.

the incident occurred near the crossroads of Poshehonsky highway and street Petina. The woman, who was driving a foreign car, was not injured.

As reported in Allocateaccounts Vologda region, after learning about the incident, the staff immediately went to the scene. Elk huddled in a fenced-in dead end railway tracks. The animal made him sleep. The railway workers who witnessed the incident, provided the excavator, through which the elk were loaded into a trailer and taken to the forest of the Vologda area.

by the Way, since the beginning of this year, the region has been 33 accidents involving wild animals. On roads there were more than a thousand warning signs, organized night patrols during seasonal migration. But the most effective barrier to animals are “electropathy”. The nets and fences with the transition for animals established in the five municipalities. Their length is over 100 kilometers. Will soon enclose two more dangerous plot.