An encounter with a mother grizzly is almost fatal for a 35-year-old hiker from Massachusetts. But a clever trick saved him from a fatal end.

A hiker from Massachusetts was attacked and seriously injured by a bear in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on May 19, according to US magazine People. The man told authorities that he had played dead during the bite attack.

It is the second grizzly bear attack in a week. National parks are closing trails and urging caution.

As People reports, park officials were notified of a man seriously injured by a bear in the area of ​​Signal Mountain Summit Road. Paramedics from the park and Teton County Search and Rescue arrived, administered first aid and transported the 35-year-old patient by helicopter to a waiting ambulance. From there he was taken to St. John’s Hospital. The man was in stable condition and expected to recover from his injuries.

The injured hiker, whose identity was not released, reported that he encountered a small bear that ran away from him, according to People. Then a large bear approached him while he was holding bear repellent spray. Before he could use the spray, he fell to the ground, holding on to his neck with one hand and the spray can with the other. The bear bit him several times until the animal bit into the can and it burst.

Both bears then ran away. The injured man managed to reach an area with cell service and call for help.

Back on May 16, a grizzly bear was found dead in Elkford, British Columbia, after inflicting “significant injuries” on a 36-year-old man. He defended himself with a firearm. British Columbia Conservation Officer Services officials expressed confidence that they had found the bear involved in the attacks, CNN reported.

Because of the recent attack, Signal Mountain Summit Road and Signal Mountain Trail have been closed to the general public. Visitors are encouraged to carry bear spray, make noise, be alert and secure all food, trash or toiletries. They are also instructed not to run if they see a bear.

Adult grizzly bears are known to emerge from hibernation in the spring when winter snow levels decrease. They forage for available food and often scavenge animals that have died during the winter. The first grizzly bear sighting in Grand Teton took place on March 26th, since then the so-called “bear season” has begun.

Mother bears in particular are very vigilant and defensive when it comes to protecting their young. Wildlife expert Moritz Klose advises making your presence felt. Dangerous situations often arise because bears feel surprised. 

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