In Ukraine the Russian T 90M called metharbital and breakthrough to nowhere

the Ukrainian consulting Agency Defense Express has released a critical article in which the Russian T-90M “Breakthrough” is called “metharbital” and “breakthrough to nowhere.”

the publication said that instead of the latest tank T-14 “Armata” of the Russian elite tank units began to “the next upgrade T-72”, which is called T-90M “Breakthrough”. The latter is explained in the article an attempt of the Russian side to cover the “complete failure” with the production of the T-14 “Armata”. The real purpose of modernization of T-90 in the publication is an effort to increase the combat capabilities of the tank “to at least some adequate level.”

Defense Express says that initially, the T-90, T-72 is characterized by the presence of dynamic protection, and complex electro-optical active protection “Blind”, which brought up the combat capabilities of the latter to the level of the T-64BV, T-80U and T-80UD. The Agency notes that this update had retained the flaws of the T-72 and T-90 was originally conceived as a cheap and bulk tank that is able to “fill amount”.

the publication notes that the real shortcomings of T-90 appeared in India, where the local T-90S “faced with critical problems in the first place, with the engine overheating and quick failure”. “The reason for this is to use engines IN-84МС or V-92, which are deep modernization of engine In-2. The man who was equipped with more heroic T-34”, — says the publication.

the article States that currently, the Russian tanks actually use the same engine design, in “which every time I put a more powerful turbine”, whereby the T-72 and T-90 with this power unit “smoke like a chimney”. Defense Express writes that this in practice leads to serious problems in the management of the engine and reduce its resource caused by turbojoe — a phenomenon in which the fuel reaches the power unit, but do not have time to fully burn in it.

the article argues that such problems are avoided and T-90M “break”, resulting in its specific power (22,5 horsepower per ton) Russian tank “loses almost all the competitors.” “For example, the German Leopard-2A5 this figure — 24,0 horsepower per ton, and even the Soviet T-80U — 27,0 horsepower per ton,” — says the article.

the publication expressed doubt claimed by the Russian side the possibilities of a modular set of dynamic protection “Relic”, which is equipped with T-90M “Breakthrough” because “the same was said” and “Kontakt-5” which “in real combat conditions it was possible to assess the Ukrainian military in the Donbas.”

the Agency says that T-90M “Breakthrough” has received some elements of “nedorabotannaya” T-14 “Armata”. As p��imera is the fire control system “Kalina”, which is the first vehicle received from the second “in a somewhat weaker version”.

the Publication concludes with a statement that a complete failure of the program T-14 “Armata” due to the inability to create a new tank engine with a capacity of 1,500 horsepower, as well as sanctions restrictions imposed by Western countries, resulting in the country lost access to necessary components, in particular microelectronic components.

In April, the commander of the 1st tank army of the Western military district the General-Lieutenant Sergey Kisel reported that the Russian army has received the first modernized tanks T-90M “break”.

In February, “Mil.Military Press” reported that a promising tank T-14 “Armata” lost the possibility of installation on it of the diesel engine, created in the framework of the research and development work “the Seagull”, since the latter is closed.

In February 2019, a Russian military expert Alexei Cares said that the Russian main battle tank T-72B3 inferior in their capabilities of Ukrainian modernized T-64BV.

In July 2018, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov said that the country’s Armed forces do not tend to massively purchase a T-14 because of their high cost, preferring to increase the combat potential of the military equipment due to its modernization.