In Ugra veterans will give copies of radioradiation war

– Care of veterans, home front workers, all who made an invaluable contribution to the Great Victory – the honorable duty and sacred duty of those who live today under the peaceful sky. The manifestation of attention, mercy, helping the heroes – an indispensable component of life of each Ugra man, authorities of the region, – noted the Director of Department of social development of Ugra Teresa Ponomarev.

employees under the Department of social services Centres will award veterans commemorative gifts from the Governor. We will note, today in the district survived 2115 veterans.

The gift packs will include Ugra treats and wild plants: pine nuts pine honey, assorted cranberry-Saskatoon, marmalade, blueberry-cranberry, cedar oil with turpentine, mushroom white, dry, chocolate dark gift “Ugra”, handmade chocolates cedar “Assorted”, herbal tea.

But all veterans of the fighting waiting for one more gift, an indispensable attribute of wartime – speaker.

– In sets with the goods of the earth Ugra everyone will find something to taste. But I’m sure this gift will touch everyone’s heart especially. Gift speaker – a copy of the sample 40-ies of the last century. It is with these loudspeakers all heard about the beginning of the war, it followed the daily reports from the battlefields. Such a loudspeaker is the voice Levitan announced the very long awaited day – the day of the great Victory. The loudspeaker will reproduce 75 musical works dedicated to the war – shared Teresa Ponomarev.

the First gifts already received veterans of the great Patriotic war living in Beloyarsk and Berezovsky areas. All gift sets social workers will be awarded up to 8 may. No one will be ignored.

As noted by the regional authorities, to create a festive mood for the characters great holiday will not interfere with acting in the region on high alert. Delivery of gifts will be held in strict compliance with all the measures of prevention and security.