In Swiss Classrooms prevails thickness air – and that has resulted in the literal sense: A study of the Federal office for health (BAG), the air quality is about two-thirds of the classrooms inadequate.

In cooperation with the competent Authorities in the cantons, the FOPH researchers during two years rooms the air quality in 100 School in Bern, Vaud, and Grisons. An indicator for the quality of the air, the CO2 content was. While about 10 percent of the time in school about the so-called hygiene limit that defines until when the air quality is just acceptable.

Bad air, poor performance

The BAG is to keep in mind that the poor air quality had a negative impact on the concentration ability of the students. You would get tired or get a headache and your capacity to let in the consequence.

The Problem could be according to the BAG, in many cases, simply defuse: window. Many teachers and students to ventilate from the point of view of the BAG too little or the wrong. Under the slogan “fresh air for guard heads”, it is now launching an information campaign, including a website. This is a specially developed ventilation simulator, which calculates, as a space can be optimally ventilated. The help nothing need it structural measures.

< p > cause: large classes

The teacher is the umbrella Association I and the Western Swiss counterpart SER are very concerned about the results. You would have been criticizing for a long time that the air quality is poor, write them in a message. The teacher is seen as the cause of the Problem in many schools, insufficient or non-existent ventilation, and the overcrowding of class rooms. “Already after 15 minutes in some school, the guideline values for carbon dioxide rooms exceeded significantly,” write the associations in a message.

The study show that: urgent action is needed. The associations have compiled a list of demands, including a restriction on the class size, the adherence To the applicable Standards – or construction of buildings or the use of health inspectors.