On the eve of the restart of the championship of Russia on football “the Spark” (in No. 19 this year) warned: favorite game of millions in the era of pandemic, it may go under the new rules. Four rounds after the break, provide a basis for first conclusions: so, what is the virus outplayed the Premier League and what troubles our football, he has identified?Alexander Gorbunov”Attention! Due to the fact that the whole team “Chisel” suddenly fell ill with measles, the jury found it necessary to cancel a match “Chisel” — “Puck” until the recovery team “Chisel”. By the first half of the game invalid. Goodbye, comrades!”The announcement of the announcer in the stadium of the “old Man Hottabych” after it begged the magician to spare favorite “Chisel”, and asks some today’s Russian football arena, which is a bit odd, to put it mildly, an event called “the resumption of the championship”.Negotiated practicable began with the match “Sochi” — “Rostov”. Eve revealed: several of the Rostov football players picked up the coronavirus, and the local Rospotrebnadzor demanded, in accordance with the period of the pandemic rules, transferred to the quarantine in isolation — all the colleagues patients. That is the basic structure “Rostov”.What to do with the scheduled match? Options proposed by the football authorities, who actually carried out the championship of the Russian football Union (RFL) and the Russian Premier League (RPL) was a bit. First: “Rostov” should agree with “Sochi” on the postponement of the game. Second: to send the match reservists. Third: get a technical defeat with the account 0:3.Rostov, of course, turned to “Sochi”. South club refused to reschedule. Date for shifts in superdense calendar was the one and only-July 19: on the day scheduled for the semi-finals of the Russian Cup, and teams from the Cup retired, could carry out these deadlines postponed match. For refusal of transfer “Sochi” has received the full program from the press, bloggers, fans. The mildest accusation of lack of desire to “play fair”.It is unclear, however, what was “dishonest” of the Sochi club. The situation created by the RFU and RPL, allowing absolutely incredible for football tournaments conflict. They are, first, for the sake of absolutely unacceptable in a crisis of ideas as soon as possible to finish the championship and to report on this “top” is not provided in the 2-3 calendar “window” for the postponed matches. Second, showed a complete organizational failure that trashed the management of a football life to the level of “understand themselves negotiate with each other”. By and large, violated regulations, which stipulates that the transfer��mi deals with RPL, not the clubs, who can negotiate, and can, as happened in the case of “Sochi” — “Rostov” and not to negotiate.— Why— rightly outraged Rostov coach Valery Karpin in which someone asks someone, in this case, “Sochi”, the resolution on the transfer of the match? The regulations stipulate that in the event of force majeure one single organization decides is RPL. Not even the RFU, not “Rostov” and “Sochi”, and only RPL.You may recall how last year 10 of the Sochi players got sick with a viral sore throat. RPL recognized this force majeure situation and took the decision to postpone the match “Sochi” — “Orenburg” from December to March. Not “Sochi” with the “Orenburg” agreed, and RPL, as required by the rules, took the decision to move, recognizing that there is a force majeure.— If sore throat or other illness during normal times, says Karpin— considered force majeure, and COVID during the world pandemic of force majeure is not considered, then I don’t know what to call force majeure. War?As responded by football authorities? The RPL chief Sergei Pryadkin few days after the emergency was silent, following, probably, the Testament of Viktor Chernomyrdin: “I shall not speak Much, but then again anything you say”. But then still took:— We,— said the head of the RPL,— I have received appropriate explanations and clearly said that this situation is not force majeure.Only remains to ask after Valery Karpin: what was then considered a force majeure? Indeed the war? Or maybe alien invasion?.. Isn’t force majeure — the lack of teams time to prepare for the resumption of the championship, a very busy schedule the remaining eight rounds, continued daily reports of new coronavirus diseases in various regions, including those where not all thought out, decided to play football?Thus, the coronavirus was found out in the Moscow “Dynamo”, who was to play in Krasnodar. Since RPL has declared, effectively removing for unknown reasons, the responsibility for what happens in the tournament, the right clubs can negotiate with each other, “Dynamo” addressed to Russia with the request to postpone and obtained consent: the match will take place on July 19. It will take place, however, only in the case if (God forbid) not get sick the residents. They then will award a technical defeat — 0:3. And it will be a fee for consent to transfer.In the next round, the Dynamo had to play against CSKA. They were still infected with the coronavirus players but the whole team, as in the case of “Rostov”, quarantined some reason was not sent, and was allowed to hold the match with CSKA. First, the Dynamo have someone, in contrast to the “Rostov” to ask. In in��activities designed to free days to migrate left: Muscovites and so managed one meeting to be postponed.But for the “Orenburg”, as for most provincial clubs, there is no one to intercede. The Orenburg team, where after departure to Moscow on game with “the Locomotive” showed up sick, sent to quarantine, she counted first defeat (0:3) failed in a house match with “Krasnodar” and then canceled the game with the “Ural”, which automatically led to the second technical defeat in a row.— We were forbidden to play with the “Ural”,— commented on the next “wheel” sports Director “Orenburg” Dmitry Andreev.— Conduct additional tests are doing everything possible. Write a letter to Rubin asking for the postponement of the match for the following round. While we’re on quarantine. Youth? It’s still the big leagues. And to put on the match of children born in 2003?.. No, we’re not ready to go.If in the Russian championship in three rounds recorded several transfers, technical losses and shipments teams quarantined in the Bundesliga for eight rounds after the resumption of the championship held without a single roughness-related coronavirus. How did they manage? In Germany, first, has developed a precise medical Protocol of holding the tournament matches. And secondly, all teams, all coaches, players and club staff behave in strict accordance with the provisions of this Protocol and without disturbances, which have sinned players “Rostov”, “Dynamo”, “Orenburg”, as well as the clubs fined for misconduct in coronavirus conditions Azmoun from Zenit and Kokorin from Sochi.However, what to ask the players if CSKA coach Viktor Goncharenko after a home defeat from “Zenith” (0:4) “freaked out”, wrote a letter of resignation, went home to Belarus, then changed his mind and returned, but was not sent to a two-week quarantine, as someone who came from abroad. Moreover, at the stadium during the match “Dynamo” — CSKA were without masks, thereby violating medical Protocol.The beating of mladentseva: Ivan Vodopyanov, Commercetel “Sochi” from the postponement of the match refused, and technical “wheel” Rostovites to obtain would not, they sent a game of “teams”, the age of the players which were in the range of 16 to 19 years. Told the youths that they will play in the match day, early in the morning, and the guys with trembling hands and legs went to Sochi. In the same state took to the field in the first minute opened the scoring, but then we conceded ten from the team, put the most that neither is the main structure, each scored at gate 17-year-old Denis Popov (he was still the exam to pass) rejoiced, as if it happened in the victorious match of the championship of the world. Nothing in sports such reactions to goals, endOh well, it was not.”Sochi,” I must say, “Dorval”: this is very weak in attack the club in 22 matches has scored only 26 goals, and then — just 10, which allowed him to soar into fourth place in performance, conceding on this indicator only “Zenith” and “Krasnodar” and “Rostov”.Match of “men” with “boys”, called “a laughingstock in Sochi,” immediately topped the list of most negative moments in the history of Russian football. Pryadkin, agreed that it is unfair when adult professionals playing against the students, said: “the young Men of the “Rostov” I wanted to applaud this day they are supporting the whole country.” A “whole country” is, in any case, the part of her that interested in football, she cursed the time was worth and the RFU, and RPL, and the heads of these organizations Alexander Dyukov and Sergey Pryadkin.Level futbolballerina Valery Karpin championship-continued recalled, in his words, the “primacy of the bath or of the water tower”. Strictly, of course, said, but level of football in the vast majority of the successful games of the “championship test-cov” corresponds to the level of the first Russian division. Not above.Almost all the teams were poorly prepared physically. This is understandable, a long downtime is not affected, but understanding of the reasons for weak readiness the spectacle is not getting any better. Low speed, the collapse of technical errors, the lack of a coherent, deliberate collective action, sharp drops in the game for one match is not an illustration of the meetings of medium-quality games and players of the teams, and those clubs (Zenit, Lokomotiv, CSKA…) that are considered to be leading in the country, the elite of Russian football. But what is “elite”, if it all, EN masse, have failed in the European Cup tournaments, and flew of them in the fall?Continue problems with the refereeing. Even introduced — finally — for all matches the system VAR are not saved. Neither the referee nor his assistants, nor on duty in the room VAR of the referee are unable for some one, but they are driven to see that even without the replays I saw all viewers: the reason for a penalty in gate “Spartaka” in a match in Tula Arsenal was not in sight.”Spartacus,” by the way, has the right to complain about some of the refereeing decisions in their home match with the “Ufa”. How, in particular, on the abolition VAR goal scored by Alexander Sobolev, and even larger may extent to the situation in which the goalkeeper “Ufa” Alexander Belenov was with the ball in his hands inside the gate. It then crossed the ball to the goal line completely? Very similar to what is crossed, however, the Russian stadiums system is not determining the goals. It is equipped separately from VAR. If the ball crosses the goal line completely, the system automatically supplies a vibrating signal with��ecially watch the referee, and the display lights up four letters GOAL.In England, the 20 Premier League clubs “chipped in” and paid for the installation of a total of about 7 million euros. Expensive? Probably. But if you look at the information provided by the Commission of the RFU to work with intermediaries on the organization’s website, not so much. According to the presented in the Commission documents, the amount of compensation awarded to the Russian clubs in 2019 intermediaries (presumably, for transfers) was pretty big. The same “Spartak”, they say, for example, the communication from the Commission, paid 11 million 685 thousand 950 euros. The cost of a system determining the goals…Intermediaries, as far as we know, you get the money for some coaching and transfers. This primarily refers to foreign experts. A unique figure among them — Montenegrin specialist Miodrag Bozovic. He appeared in Russia January 9, 2008 — started to work with Perm “amkarom”. After this (basically one season, only in Rostov more) božović coached “Moscow”, Moscow “Dynamo”, one more time “Amkar”, “Rostov”, FC Lokomotiv Moscow, Tula Arsenal, and finally, the Samara club “wings of the Soviets”, from which he was fired on June 28, paying of course the penalty.Bozovic — record: nor one, perhaps, a local coach worked with so many major League teams as he is. To answer the question that Bozovic over the years has brought in Russian football, which is quite a lot of their unemployed professionals, it is easy: nothing.However, it is, admittedly, a topic for another material.