In Tomsk will shoot the PSAs on coronavirus with twins celebrities

In Tomsk will take social commercials featuring doubles of famous people. One of the main topics will be the fake news about the coronavirus. About GTRK “Tomsk” said the representative of film Studio CAST Artem Segeev.

in addition to various kinds of fabrications about the coronavirus infection, the filmmakers want to tell the audience about how not to panic how to behave in this situation. One of the plots will be dedicated to news about the vaccine against the virus.

As was reported at the film Studio, has found a DoppelgangeR Greta Thunberg. Now, with its part removed the story about the homeless animals. At the Studio ready to pay the people involved in the commercials. In order to get to the contest, should be sent to the website of the Studio their application. Be sure to ask whose you the double, tell us about yourself and your interests.

the Casting will continue until the end of April, applications are waiting for from all regions of Russia.

Text: GTRK “Tomsk”