A family’s video has 2.2 million views because they are looking for a girl’s name and go to a cemetery. Many TikTok users commented on their opinion on the unusual idea.

Choosing a name for your own child is often not that easy. Expectant parents can find inspiration on the Internet or in books, among other places. However, one family has chosen a different path: They are looking for a girl’s name in the cemetery

Haley Brooks Hodge is already a mother of three children. Her family has a channel on TikTok called “hodgehouse” with over 114,000 followers.

A video shows the family strolling through a cemetery – looking for a beautiful girl’s name. The family reads out the names Ella, Bunny, Salem, Vienna and Olympus, among others.

The video now has over 2.2 million views. There are also over 3,300 comments below. One person calls it a “great way” to “revive the names of the older generation.” Someone else commented: “This is really beautiful. What a way to honor those who have died.”

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the cemetery walk: “What a strange idea,” says one user. Another commented: “Do you want a possessed baby? Because that’s how you get a possessed baby.”

Haley responded to a comment with a video of her own. A woman named Lauren wrote: “I couldn’t go to a place of death if I was creating a new life.” But the influencer makes it clear that cemeteries are not a place of death for her. Instead, she calls it a place of peace. The mother continues: “I see it as a place where visitors pay respect and remember a life (hopefully) well lived.”

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