A fire broke out in a large bakery in northern Thuringia on Sunday evening. The building in Bleicherode is on fire, said a spokesman for the state operations center of the German Press Agency.

Several fire departments are on site. The district spoke of around 150 emergency services.

According to the police, no work was being done in the bakery at the time of the fire. At first there were no injuries. It was unclear late in the evening why the big fire in the commercial area came about.

The police called on residents to close doors and windows. This warning was also issued for the neighboring district of Eichsfeld. A road to Interstate 38 has been closed.

The county posted pictures and videos on Facebook that showed huge plumes of black smoke over the building and flames. “It can be assumed that the fire will burn for several hours,” it said late in the evening.

A father from NRW lost his driver’s license. Over the speed limit. The special thing about the story: The 32-year-old drove his unconscious daughter to a clinic and was even escorted by the police.

Christoph Wilhelm loses over 153 kilograms. His weight loss is the result of a drastic change in his diet. Wilhelm renounced any carbohydrates for years. “People didn’t recognize me anymore,” he says proudly.

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, the police arrested 13 Germans on Saturday. The vacationers had flicked cigarette butts onto a roof below them. It then started to burn. Two people are said to have been slightly injured by the fire.