agricultural centre announced the threat of emergency due to the spread of locusts in the three districts of Volgograd region, Leninsk, Sredneahtubinsky and Bykovsky, reported on the official website of the Department.

Experts surveyed 324 thousand hectares of the area, finding by 43.7 thousand hectares of concentration of larvae pests – an average of 69 per square meter. The maximum concentration of locust revealed on a plot of 100 hectares – 300 per square meter.

For comparison, in the neighboring Astrakhan region locust revealed by 15.25 thousand hectares – an average of two larvae per square meter. The maximum number was 100 pieces on a plot of 120 hectares.

To handle fields from locusts in the Volgograd region has attracted 43 units of equipment, including three AviaPort. To date, handled over 70 percent infected with pest areas.