In the Vologda region declared summer season in the mode of self isolation

the government of the Vologda region declared summer season in the mode of self-isolation. A clear routing of the residents from the house to the site, and the categories of citizens who are categorically forbidden to leave places of permanent residence.

Officials noted that residents have the right to go to the cottage. But this trip should not be taken as a weakening of the quarantine and gather a large company in nature. It is a scheme for change of a place of isolation with preservation of all sanitary and epidemiological requirements, the press service of the Governor of the Vologda region.

However, there are limitations. On their plots can’t go those people who have the disease of new coronavirus infection, as well as citizens who returned from other regions of Russia and foreign countries and are obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation for 14 days. They will strictly control mobile group.

the Rest of the people can go to the sites. But they have to carry documents to cross the exposed positions. In addition, for truckers organize additional flights public transport to avoid congestion of people in the salons. On the bus and train station can be arranged the sale of masks and gloves.

today in the Vologda region identified 120 cases of coronavirus.