“We conceived the project – “Be at home, peace with you” – to first hand learn about the coronavirus situation in different countries, – told “RG” the author, the chief editor of “Autoradio-kuschevskaya” Alena arharova. – Contacted their relatives, friends, and asked to record a video specifically for residents Kushchevskaya district. Finally got the history of Portugal, Israel, Germany, Italy, Indonesia (Bali), Canada, Switzerland, Holland, USA. All of the participants are immigrants from the Soviet Union, Russia. To relocate to other country they have moved more than 10 years ago. Many even had the accent, but they are our compatriots, and in fact and character”.

They tell MusiCam their stories about life in a pandemic. How to help the citizens and businesses of their governments, how the medical and social services, as is the problem of school in the conditions of self-isolation.

a Social worker Tatiana lives in a small Italian town. She shared terrible memories about the early days of the pandemic. According to the woman, panic grew with each passing hour. Especially creepy to hear about hundreds of deaths from the coronavirus. Only now the situation is gradually normalizing. But a normal life her city will come back again soon.

Israeli Alexander believes that, thanks to strict quarantine and discipline of the citizens, his new home was quickly to minimize epidemic risks. He showed the containers with ready meals, which daily bring the elderly. And told that the remaining have strictly complied with all requirements of the stringent restrictions. The result is called the present: now Israel leads the world in epidemiological security.

Irina from Germany showed how to make a mask of a normal cotton sock. It turned out that in Germany, as in most other countries, the pandemic has led to an acute shortage of medical masks.

“kuschevskaya – the regional center with 30 thousand inhabitants. And the same hits on our instagram project, – says Alena arharova. Many not only receive a like, but leave reviews. Agree with former compatriots that come into our lives only a couple of months ago, events have changed it, we changed the world. Forced to stop all that motivated us. Made us humble ourselves before the most to force majeure, to win which we can only joint efforts. And no matter where you live. Because today there is no family that hasn’t gone pandemic. “Whether at home, peace with you” – call of kosovtsev representatives of different countries and peoples. And my neighbors can hear them”.

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