The Danish architect and founder of the BIG bureau Bjarke Ingels will build a new city called Telosa in the middle of the desert in the USA. Five million people will be able to live there, Dezeen reports/

The idea of creating a city “from scratch” on an area of 150 thousand acres (more than 60.7 thousand hectares) belongs to entrepreneur Marc Lore. The developers have set their goal to build “the most environmentally friendly city in the world”. According to assumptions, by 2030, 50 thousand people will live in Telos, and over the next 40 years the population will increase to several million.

“Our vision is to create a new city in the United States that will set a global standard of urban life, expand human potential and become a model for future generations,” the creators explained.

The city will be divided into several districts, there will be 33 people per acre — an indicator almost equal to the population density of San Francisco. The buildings will be built from eco-friendly materials, the facades will be partially covered with vegetation, and autonomous vehicles will move along the roads. In the center of Telosa, a park will be built with a tower called “Equitism”, on top of which an observation deck will be equipped. The building will have to become a “beacon” for the city.

In November 2020, architects from the Malaysian bureau O2 Design Atelier decided to build a “post-tandem” city of the future. The concept was based on the vertical development of space — the buildings were decided to be raised as high as possible to free up space for the growth of trees, returning nature “to its original state”.