In the US with the scandal fired a medic who refused to support promoted by the trump medicine

the Director of the office of biomedical advanced research and development RIC bright was removed from his post and transferred to a significantly lower post at the Ministry of health and social services. The removal of bright caused a huge wave of controversy. Many see this decision as a political action, and some media are trying to create around the bright halo of a hero who went against trump and refused to support promoted by the President cure Covid-19. But what’s really behind the dismissal of Rick bright?

Donald trump is a man of many talents. Some of them are so hidden that he would prefer they were not even shown. For example, in the beginning of the spread of coronavirus, the American President began insistently recommend all treated with hydroxychloroquine. Behind this strange name hides a drug for the treatment of malaria, the mechanism of action of which and possible side effects studied is not too good, and what does the coronavirus is not clear.

some experts had a theory that this antimalarial medication can work against coronavirus. Untested theory. And the US President is clearly not worth it to promote to the masses. Another question is how this theory is perceived in the West.

the Journalists of The New York Times conducted an investigation and found out that trump owns a stake in French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which is the largest producer of this drug in the world.

of Course, immediately fell accusations that the President wants to cash in on the coronavirus, and is ready to poison Americans of an unknown poison, just make him the money came from. Unfortunately, this does not argue – according to Forbes, trump is truly invested in Sanofi as much as three thousand dollars. Of course, this massive contribution is necessary to beat, even at the cost of the health of Americans. And time is running out – it’s still necessary to advertise the products of “Apple” and “Microsoft” in these companies, the billionaire has invested generally more than 20 thousand dollars!

of Course, it’s all a joke. However, the reality is that for many opponents of the trump uninteresting, what percentage of a company is under the control of the President, and whether he really has any interest in promoting drugs or he just decided to show off the incredible knowledge of medicine.

the solution For them trump known to be malicious and selfish. And any who opposed him and suffered for his idea of a hero. Even if it is, in General, was never against it, and with the trump does not really intersect. For example, as the Director of the office of biomedical advanced research and development Rick bright.

Rick bright, in fact, was the usual American official. But it was not until the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. In lieI’m of the pandemic on its management was entrusted with the mission of creating vaccines and finding cures for new virus.

And at this moment bright, began to appear on television and learned about it the Americans. Bright was on a horse, watched him as guru, which aims to save the world (and, of course, America) from “the Invisible Enemy”. And when everything was so good, took the news like a bolt from the sky – bright was transferred from his post on the much less important and responsible position.

the Official term agreed and went to tell this injustice in the media. By a strange coincidence, he came in The New York Times, the publication that found the trump assets in Sanofi. To reporters, he said, as opposed to the President’s decision to buy an untested and dangerous medicine, for which he suffered.

of Course, this is all covered as a feat, not that Galileo, claiming that “It still moves”, not at all like speech Giordano Bruno, the rising of the fire. In this case again refers to “self-interest trump” (because if you do not write that it is $3000, it seems significantly more), because of which suffered the scientist.

of Course, the question about the dismissal of bright was raised to the Trump. To this the President replied: “I’m all about it never heard. This guy says that he was fired. Maybe it really was, but maybe not. Gotta hear both sides”.

In General, nothing surprising in the fact that trump doesn’t know Rick’s bright out there. Even now the head of one of departments of Ministry of health – not the person, issues which directly decides the President. I doubt whether he really understood internal solutions bright. But the journalists of the newspaper Politico has figured it out and came to very interesting conclusions.

Rick bright is really a lot were about the procurement of hydroxychloroquine. For example, he mentioned the acquisition of this medication “a victory for the Ministry of health”. Several officials said that bright, strongly supported the line of promotion of this drug. They even left emails in which a former Director of the Department strongly supported that the drug “tramp”.

“Dr. bright has requested permission for an emergency, the use of chloroquine,” – said the press Secretary of the Ministry of Caitlin Oakley.

So what did dismissed Mr. bright, loyal to the President of the official and at the same time recognized a “hero of resistance to Trump”?

the Answer is quite simple – he has for years clashed with managers of other departments and even had serious disagreements with his direct guidance.

the Last straw was that bright, focused on product, development to��x might have taken months, instead of giving priority treatment, which would be available in a few weeks. This position was not agreed upon by many officials and experts within the Ministry, and as a result the decision was made to transfer the doctor to a less responsible position.