The United States was faced with a big problem. Hospitals do not have enough doctors. The problem, said the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner on the example of the city.

Until the problems are critical. However, in the near future in the United States can be a disaster. The United States does not have enough doctors.

“If we can’t get this virus in your hands quickly, in about two weeks, our hospital system could be in serious, serious trouble,” said Houston mayor: “We can always provide extra beds,but we need people, nurses and all other health workers to staff these beds. Now is a critical moment.”

The Kremlin could exploit the situation to improve their image. In our country, the pandemic has abated. Therefore, Russia could send Russian epidemiologists, as was the case with Italy.

The white house surely the assistance from Russia will refuse. This happened multiple times. But in this case, the proposal may be sent to the governors of American States. They often come into confrontation with the President of the United States. This is shown by the recent rallies, when the governors of the States sent Donald trump a known address with its recommendations.

With the shortage of doctors are not faced with the US President and his entourage. This problem has become a headache for state governors and mayors. If Russia offered the United States doctors and White house will refuse them, Donald trump will look ridiculous when you later state that America can’t cope with the coronavirus, because doctors ended.

If someone from the governors agree to accept the assistance of Russia, and the Donald trump miss will prohibit doctors on the territory of the United States, it will show ordinary Americans the price of the real policy of the White house.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Russia has sent to Italy by a group of leading epidemiologists. This greatly changed the attitude of Italians to our country.