In the US fired expert on vaccines after criticism of the miracle drugs trump

Rick bright, Director of the office of advanced research and development in Biomedicine has been transferred to a new, lower position at the National Institute of health, notes Politico. Despite the fact that this resignation first began more than a year ago, when bright came into conflict with heads of departments about their solutions and their sphere of influence, the reason for the dismissal was harsh criticism of the specialist malaria drugs as a means of coronavirus.

the expert has received the notice of termination via e-mail. “I believe it was made in response to my demand that the government invested billions of dollars allocated by Congress to solve the problem of the pandemic in a safe and scientifically proven solutions, not in drugs, vaccines and other technologies that do not have scientific value,” said bright. The representative of the Ministry of health and social services in an interview with CNN said that now the expert will lead a new government project: public-private partnership in the development and treatment vaccines. This is a significant demotion.

the Medicine, which on Wednesday evening criticized bright, informed President Donald trump touting in their press briefings without presenting scientific evidence. After the first time trump made a similar statement, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases of the United States, the chief specialist of the coronavirus in the White house Anthony Fauci has referred to the evidence given by the President, “at best anecdotal”. According to him, there is still no reliable data proving that this medicine for malaria – hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine can be effective against COVID-19.

the trump stated that “I never heard about him (Bright)”. “Guy says he was fired, maybe Yes, but maybe not. You’ll have to hear another position,” – said the head of the White house.

Recall that on Tuesday Robert Redfield, Director of the Federal Agency of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), the United States stated that the drug used in the treatment of malaria, showed “poor results” during its use in American hospitals for veterans. About 28% of patients who were given hydroxychloroquine, died, compared with 11% of those who received only usual care.

meanwhile, on Wednesday representatives of the Ministry of health warned that the crisis in the fashion industry, will haunt the United States for several months, and some experts are predicting that this fall will be even more dangerous outbreak of the virus. Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Department for control over products and medicines Steven Khan on Wednesday said in live CBS News that production of the vaccine against coronavirus will be established at least a year.