Experts explain so sharp jump of several factors. According to Dr. Fauci, the chief specialist on infectious diseases in the United States, the outbreak of the disease, mainly in the South of America was due to the fact that some States too quickly opened its economy and dramatically softened the restrictive measures, ignoring the advice of experts in terms of wearing masks and compliance with social distancing.

on the other hand, the local officials of the health sector are very emotional, saying that the hospital was not able to accept infected patients because of a shortage of beds. Comes to the fact that “viral patients” are forced to lie not in special boxes, and right in the corridors of the hospitals. In Hidalgo, some patients lie on a stretcher for 10 hours before the examine, told CNN Dr. Ivan Melendez. “We are in dire need of assistance. We still have three weeks ago there were four patients in the intensive care unit. We now have 211 people. We had three people on the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV). We now have 135 people,” said the doctor, adding that on Thursday the district had recorded the highest (1,200) the number of infected SARS-CoV-2.

In Texas and Arizona, observers say, already completely filled morgues in the most affected areas, local officials are asking the Federal government to supply them with additional cold storage rooms and trailers-refrigerators for storage of telephone Overloaded hospitals in Florida also reported that their intensive care units are working at full capacity, and that they can no longer accept patients. The County is Miami-Dade, said that “in hospitals more patients with COVID-19, than available beds”.

In several U.S. States, primarily in the South, this is the third week in a row, a growing number of infected.

the Military medical staff sent to Texas and California to help local doctors cope with new cases of the disease, the BBC reports, and in Texas and Arizona were sent to trucks to store the corpses. 18 States, noted in the White house, are the so-called “red zone”. Extremely high rates of infection recorded in Florida. Currently, according to the Johns Hopkins University, there is only a day recorded more than 55 cases per 100 thousand people. “The sunshine state” on Monday toured Arizona in the number of infected in a day. For five consecutive days in Florida recorded the largest number of cases of infection with coronavirus per capita in the United States.

emergency operations Center in Tallahassee was closed for total disinfection until Monday after 12 of its staff was diagnosed with a SARS-CoV-2, reports CNN.

the Issue of wearing masks in the United States has become extremelye politicized: in sharp contradictions joined President Donald trump and the main infectious diseases in countries Anthony Fauci.

Quarrel, until the filing of claims, governors and mayors within individual States. In General, the debate about the wearing of protection is heating up. On Friday night, speaking to Fox News, trump has promised not to issue a decree on the compulsory wearing of American masks. His comments came after Dr. Fauci, has urged the leaders of States and local governments “as insistently” to get people to wear masks. According to trump, the wearing of masks is a private matter and a manifestation of “individual liberty” of Americans.

the Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp sued the mayor of Atlanta Keisha lance bottoms over her attempts to force the local population to wear masks in public places. Bottoms, which previously she had coronavirus, has accused the Governor’s Camp that he is “playing politics” and “spending taxpayers’ money on a useless lawsuit”. African-American Democrat also criticized U.S. President Donald trump that he had violated city law, not wearing a mask during a visit to Atlanta. Governor Kemp said that in Georgia the wearing of masks is not required.

in the absence of Federal decrees on this account the authorities of the States take the matter under control themselves to issue a decree requiring people to wear masks.

Finally, as experts point out, hospitals do not have time to process the test results due to a sharp influx of willing to be tested for the coronavirus.

“In some States, to the processing of tests takes from 10 to 12 days, we do not deny,” said Brett Guar from the Ministry of health and social services. Under the current regulations, the processing of the tests should take a maximum of three days. According to Juara, every day in the U.S. is tested from 700 000 to 800 000 people. This, according to him, means that it will take at least a week before officials know how many people are infected. Scientists warn that if the test results are deposited more than three days, even ideal contact tracing can stop the spread of the virus. Some States and cities face acute shortage of tests and markers for SARS-CoV-2. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, people who suspect that they are in contact with the infected, the authorities due to lack of funds recommend isolation at home for 14 days instead of going to the testing centers. In Hawaii for a month extended like a two-week quarantine for those who can’t pass the tests due to the lack of test systems.


this week for the first time in the world for 100 hours, the coronavirus has infected more than a million people. The total number inficonavannah Friday night exceeded 14 million. According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the world recorded 14 067 292 cases of infection and 601 927 deaths.