In an interview with Egor arrives on a Bicycle in a perfectly ironed shirt and trousers, ten minutes before the appointed time. “It’s nice to ride around town with the wind!” he says, smiling. The day promises to be sultry, but the morning still felt fresh. Go into the office, the young man offers me tea or coffee. Sorry that is not immediately invited me to sit at a large table.

Egor Nikolaev – the third year student of the Ural Institute of management – branch of Ranepa. The faculty “State and municipal management”, specialization in the same. Future official.

the Young man grew up in the deep Ural province – in the village of Kalia, which is ten kilometers from Severouralsk (440 kilometers from Yekaterinburg – approx. ed.), Mother and grandmother, meteorologists, dad and grandpa – miners. In the tenth grade, Egor wanted to turn a vacant lot into a native village in the Park. Four years later, a pile of queries and found the offices of the administration of kilometers, the idea materialized. In Calle completes the construction of the Park with an area of six thousand square meters, the project cost – 23 million rubles. Financing – means of the regional budget.

– Social work I was interested in the eighth-ninth grade, when I went to youth forum in severoural’sk, – says Yegor. – Then I visited Artek – and away we go. In the tenth grade, the boys sat there and thought, what is missing in the village. Decided that memorials. The school is a monument to the Hero of Russia Dmitry Sedaeva (killed in Chechnya in 2000, covering his colleagues – approx. ed.) and all. Even the veterans have nowhere to honor the memory of fellow soldiers. I idea caught fire, drew a freehand sketch of the memorial and a small Playground-the approach to it and made an appointment to the head of city district.

Chapter severoural’skogo GO then was Vladimir Ilyin. Official teenager listened, looked at the sketch and said, “Make call”. So began the journey of Yegor offices, which lasted two and a half years. Somewhere it was treated like a child, somewhere listened, gave advice and directed.

– In the town planning Department, for example, I very much liked. After the tenth time I came to them – smiling young man. – We talked a lot with former chief architect of Severouralsk Vladimir Shakirov, with the architect SUBR Elena Pavlova. They coordinated me, told what to do, what questions to answer.

the Most difficult question was the one on the ground. On the site of a vacant lot once stood four houses. The building is long demolished, the residents were resettled. But with cadastre took only one house, three on paper continued to “stand”, and one even was listed as a tenant. No one knew where this man, but it was impossible to change the status of the land �� to conduct a survey of the land for the Park. Egor wrote letters, went to parties, hooked up a new head of administration of Severouralsk Basil Matyushenko. In the administration of the youth said: “Your perseverance can only envy, because many entrepreneurs come not stand the paperwork is done”.

– earth is an interesting story. Become aware of what mechanisms are not working. Houses in fact no, they had to immediately retire. But whether laziness someone was, or what. We have until the thunder clap, the cart won’t move. Until I came, wrote letters, did not suffer them six months, nothing moved. It would have stood a weedy vacant lot, – says Yegor.

in Parallel, the young people conducted educational work among the population: walking with classmates at the home, talked about the Park. Together they were able to gather with five thousand settlement 1,100 signatures for the construction of the facility. The enthusiasm of the children was contagious: the people themselves become actively interested in the fate of the Park when he was bombarded with questions head ON.

to Finance the construction Egor initially thought. Then he suggested that you can try to apply for grants, but they did not. However, the persistence of the young man prompted the local authorities to allocate funds – 300 thousand rubles – create a comprehensive project. At this stage the memorial with the adjacent territory was turned into a large Park of six thousand meters with an Eternal flame, sports and children’s playgrounds. With designed and calculated idea was to try his luck in the national project “Housing and the urban environment”, but also did not happen: the rural settlement excluded from the program.

– Desperation never felt, I somehow burned out, – says Yegor. – Student against the administration. Even if you do everything, how do you win? Was dejected, disappointed in human nature. I realized that the reality is very different from what we are told in the classroom.

just then the young man graduated from high school, went to College and moved to Ekaterinburg. The issue with the Park was left in limbo. One day he was invited to the event, where was the Minister of energy and utilities Sverdlovsk oblast Nikolay Smirnov.

– When it came to questions from the audience, I stood up and told the story about the Park in Calle. Explained how much work was done. Smirnov has promised that the Park will be with us, – says Egor.

the Second meeting with the Minister occurred a few months: a young man caught him after the meeting. The head of Department guy was happy: the region runs a regional programme, which will Finance the upgrading of five public spaces in rural areas, in Calle first. Then Egor has made alterations in the firstnachalnom it he didn’t like the track, not where people go, and all public spaces are mixed.

Egor, why do you think we decided to tell this story? In fact, it’s about how it has control, not more.

– the System doesn’t always work. Russian society, on the whole, passive in public life – everyone lives in their own little world. After the story of the Park in Calle much has changed: people were interested in what was happening in the village. Monitor the progress of construction, for example. According to the plan, the contractor was required to dispose of the foundations of old houses, and decided to just bury it to save. I was called by the residents, I told the head – in the end, the foundations dug up and taken away. If people engage in ongoing dialogue to motivate them to involve in the discussion, is the mentality of transformeres, develop civic consciousness. And all this inevitably changes the system – she has to rely on the civil “I”, because outside of society, it can not exist. Why the system resists? Here, I think, plays a role the human factor: laziness, lack of interest, focus not on the needs of the people, and on their own. Of course, not all officials are like that. A lot of those who call on after hours meets and helps and advises. Society and government need to talk more: to listen and hear each other. To contact, need a sober assessment of the situation from both sides – after all, civic engagement is often not constructive. Then the system will start to recover and work to develop civil society.

Specific plans for the future Egor is not building, but the goal for ourselves: to help people. In the coming years plans to stand in deputies of regional Legislative Assembly – because it is a real instrument for realization of ideas in the public interest and territory development.

– Who see themselves in 25 years? Might want to this time to reach the point where will be able to support the largest possible number of people. And in what form it will be – in the civil service, social activities, or something else – doesn’t matter. In tenth grade I read a book by Gustave Le Bon and I remember a phrase: “the Greatness of Nations is mainly dependent on the level of morality.” This paradigm and try to follow it, – says Yegor.

Basil Matyushenko, head of the North Ural city district:

– Me Egor was amazed that how much he loves history. That is why the authorities decided to support his idea for the construction of the Park, because knowledge and respect for the history of their country, their homeland, their roots is the Foundation of everything. Great guy: initiative, creative, communicative, cultural, knows how times��to overeat with people. I am sure he will be a good, decent man. Our Severouralsk generally the edge of great people. At the time, he was filled with such people, but now the children continue their business.